Our silly dog. It’s another gorgeous day and I’ve opened the windows again. The sun is pouring in, which means our dog is hunting for anything reflective he can chase. Getting near him with my phone posed a problem because he knows something on there makes light so he starts looking all over. I can’t decide if it’s cute or annoying.

This has been a good morning. I’m thankful for those. I think the sunshine and breeze have something to do with my mood. It is getting a bit warm  in here though. Hopefully, I won’t need to shut the windows anytime soon. I am ready to get out of this room and on with my day, so how about I just get to why we are here?

Today the readings seemed to be gentle messages. (My other dumb dog just knocked my lamp off of my desk and now there is shattered lightbulb all over the floor. Great. Deep breaths, after I am done writing…) Gentle messages to my heart. OA was that change takes time and to be patient and grateful for every single step forward. Oh, how I am. I never used to be. I just expected to be able to jump ahead. Now, since my illness, I am more grateful for increased ability. However, I’m still not very patient about it. I’m pretty hard on myself and I have pretty high expectations about what I should be doing or be able to do. Mostly, because it is what I was doing before with no thought or appreciation. The AA message is that there is no growth without pain. Ewww. That stinks, but it’s true. I’m not too fond of the pain part of life. I want it to be happy, fun, and easy. Ha! Life is about one mountain peak after another. Unfortunately, our summit happens to be death. That’s pretty dark, huh? Okay, I’ll ease back from that kind of talk.

The last April General Conference talk was about how much of a difference kind words can make in someone’s life who is struggling. I remember hearing a story about a young man who was planning on taking his own life, but didn’t because someone on the street smiled at him. True or not, it is a very real possibility that those we encounter are having very difficult challenges and they may need comfort and kindness to feel enough strength to get through one more day. Then, we get to the Book of Mormon, where Jared and his brother are attempting to get away from the Tower of Babel area and Jehovah is so kind and loving toward this group of people. He leads them into safety, personally, speaking to the brother of Jared about what to do each step of the way. I am sure it is kind words and gentleness.

img_49401befriend continues this message by reminding us that everyone is just doing the best they can and that we need to reach out in love and kindness. I would like to add that he also mentions being kind and loving to ourselves. That may be more difficult than treating strangers like that, at least for me. Just say hi to someone, smile, offer to help, it’s really all in the small stuff.




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