Fads Finally Caught up with Me

My husband is on vacation this week, but went to work today. That is how exciting we are. I think we are both bummed that we didn’t get to go on our trip. We would be enjoying crisp, autumn air, cool nights, probably some hot chocolate, and beautiful fall colored leaves. That sounds so nice right now. It’s going to be 94F today. October 12th. Our neighbor across the street is mowing his lawn. Arizona is so serious about summer that it spills into every other season. The heat doesn’t stop me from the hot chocolate though. I’ve been having one every day as a little treat for my autumn starved heart.

img_50531I noticed a few weeks ago how much my Pinterest feed resembles my life. I guess that’s the point though, right? It shows us stuff we look at or search. In addition to all of the religious studying I do, I also keep a bullet journal. I have packed it full! In it I have: drawing space for 30 Days of… drawing challenge by @_apsi_(Apsi) on Instagram (monsters, this month) and another drawing challenge that is random things all year long. (I discovered that I can draw. This is new since being sick. I’m not sure what happened, but some connection that was missing came alive and I love it. I’m trying to use it just a little every day.) I also keep a prayer journal, a gratitude list, a spot for inspiration, to do list (what bullet journal wouldn’t have one of those?), and which main homecare I intend to complete each day. Of course, I keep notes on what I’m reading as I study and how I’m treating my blog too. I use the next two pages after each day for my Morning Pages (Julia Cameron Live). Apparently, I’m waaaay into what’s popular right now. I had no idea until I saw my life right there on my Pinterest feed. Weird. I’ve never been one for fads or any of that, so it took me by surprise, but it’s all good. Maybe the fads finally caught up with me.

As I sit here every morning I often wonder if this blog is doing any good out there in this world full of blogs on Christianity and studies. The OA book’s quote was from Dimitri Mitropoulos. He says, “Success can corrupt. Usefulness can only exalt.” I hope that this is useful. I know it is to me. These words of scripture and verse stick in my head all day long because I have read it, written it in my bullet journal, and then written about it on here. I’m being useful to myself, which is a good enough reason to keep going. How funny is that?

Scott talks about this is a different way, but it’s the same idea. He writes about befriending the rich and powerful. I hadn’t ever thought anything about them. I’m not impressed by wealth or fame. We are all just people. He does make an interesting observation. He says that God needs Christians everywhere to witness for Him. Everywhere. That means among the rich of the world, in our prisons among murderers, and all of the groups in-between. I hadn’t thought of the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ like that before, but it’s true. We all have to be able to hear the message and that means someone in the worst places needs to be converted just as someone in the best places. We all have the same heart longing for the same things –  love from each other and, more importantly, God’s love – even if we don’t know that’s what we are seeking.

The talk by Elder Robert D. Hales and Ether 12 say this very same thing. God does not give up on us. Ever. It’s not in His nature. He loves each of us. He knows us by name. He knows who we are and where we are at all times of the day and night. Elder Hale’s talk is called “Come, Follow Me” by Practicing Christian Love and Service. We can each serve our brothers and sisters in whatever place they may be by sharing our light and love from God. The ways may be small and simple or large and organized. It doesn’t matter what the service is because God knows what each of us needs at each moment and we can provide that. We can act as God’s hands and share our hearts. Another witness this morning of this principle was the AA message. It boils down to “I need guidance from God to calm my agitations so I can be peaceful with those around me.” I know, that one can be tricky. I have a hard time with it anyway. However, it is also one way we can serve and spread God’s love. Everything comes to that – sharing God’s love. I hope you feel it today – deep down in your bones. If not, I hope you will add it to your prayer journal or to-do list. I want everyone to feel His all encompassing love at least once a day. It’s such a needed thing in our world these days and it’s the only thing that will get us through.



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  1. This is a perfect reminder that I needed to hear today. Thanks for sharing!

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