Four Question Friday

Today is my last day with befriend by Scott Sauls. I can honestly say I have really enjoyed this book. While it’s not a hard-driving in your face doctrinal dissertation on Bible truths, Scott brings every bit of the Bible into his words. He weaves truth into his ideas and shares what he has learned and been prompted to teach. He digs deep into some of the most difficult challenges our society faces right now and comes out of it with a perfectly balanced Christlike view that focuses on the people involved and not the argument associated with the problem. 

So, the big four questions? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, befriend is based in scripture. Yes, it drew my heart closer to God and His doctrine. Yes, this book drew me deeper into my scriptures and, yes, it changed my heart. That’s how good this book is. Go get it. Read it. Share it.

We are once again in the car today, heading north this time to cooler weather and pine trees. We get to spend the whole day with our oldest daughter – helping her move. Okay, not the best reason to travel a couple of hours, but I have been missing her, so whatever it takes. 

It’s an interesting thing to have my study time in the car with the radio on, bumping along the freeway, with so many things to look at (beautiful hot air balloons just outside the city). I wonder how often I feel that distracted while I’m home studying my scriptures, but don’t notice it because it’s not so obvious. Something to think about and pay attention to this next week. 

I want to give you just a quick glimpse at what I did study today (I’m hoping there is breakfast at the next city). Ready?

OA? The road to danger for each of us is the smooth and easy one. I’ve heard it said other ways, but that one struck me this morning.

AA-Focus on just today and GIVE God the rest (yesterday and tomorrow.)

Conference – Pray!

Book of Mormon? God NEVER gives up on us and He is ALWAYS reaching out to bring us into His embrace.

Befriend’s last two chapters are about loving those with special needs and Befriending the God Who Embraces You. He shares a quote by world-renowned grief expert, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, “The most beautiful people…are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.” Scott goes on to remind us that “…we are all disabled. And we all have special needs.”

As for befriending the God who embraces us, I’m sorry to tell you that you will have to read that chapter for yourself. It’s the best one. No wonder he saved it for last.


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