My Bullet Journal

One other thing I do every single day, besides blog about my scripture studies, is to use my bullet journal. I have some free time, so I thought I’d share it with you. 

This is one day filled out…

Here’s a blank two-page spread.

Now, let me explain. 
I always start on the right side in the mornings. So, far right, top to bottom.

  • The date in some sort of banner, with the day added around it somewhere. I also draw the weather up there – sun or clouds or whatever happens to be happening. Generally, it’s a full sun. I do live in central Arizona.
  • The next step in my day is to balance our budget. 
  • The prayer line is where I choose a prayer from a list that I found online. It has thirty-one to choose from.
  • This is my gratitude list. I write down one each day, but I could do more.
  • Next comes my homecare line where I write the two things I will do that day.
  • Did I meditate?
  • or have morning prayer?

Next comes my blog planning. I have my blog posts linked to Twitter and Facebook page, so I don’t need to do those for the actual post. I then post graphics five other times throughout the day on each of the four social media platforms.

The left side of that page is devoted to my daily studies. I study out of five different sources – the Overeaters Anonymous For Today book, AA Daily Devotionals, a General Conference talk, the Book of Mormon, and the book I am currently spending two weeks reviewing. I write down the main points of each book. The writing helps me pull those messages deeper into my heart.

Now, for the left side of the layout.

Let’s start on the far left this time. 

I participate in two different drawing challenges. The first is 30 Days of… by therevisionguide on Instagram. This month it’s monsters. On the bottom right, you will see another drawing challenge. This is one from Mona Lisa Lives Here. There’s one challenge for each day, all year long.

Under the 30 Days of…I keep a prayer journal. It has spots for people, and both short-term and long-term prayers. I also keep track of the answers I receive.

At the top of the right side, I keep a running “to do” list. I only have four spots because I know I can’t do any more than that in a day. Below that, I have a large area for inspiration. I spend a lot in study and prayer that I expect inspiration every day.

That’s it. I draw the main layout in the black ink and then I pick another color to actually write in. 

What you don’t see is on the next two page spread I am adding in Morning Pages. You can find a lot about them and the idea online.

That’s it. That’s my bujo and I love it!


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