Time for a Nap

and now, back to our regularly scheduled lives. I was up until 1:30 this morning and then back up at 6:30 this morning. Guess what? The sun was still shining, the birds were singing, and it didn’t matter who was elected. I’m pretty tired and my husband told me to take two naps today, but I had to write first.

Yesterday, I voted. But, before that, I read. I went through my normal morning routine and I was reminded of the beauty of truth – in all of its forms. The messages were simple and timely and, also, didn’t matter who won.

OA, choose to dwell on faith and love, which will light my heart and mind. AA? Daily mediation and prayer strengthen and renew my source of well-being. General Conference – live what I believe. The Book of Mormon even jumped on board, “Blessed art thou Nephi (or us), because of thy faith, for though hast sought me diligently, with lowliness of heart.”

You know, not much that happens outside of our hearts is in our control. Now, regardless of who you voted for or who you believe represents you, what is in our hearts is what matters. And what matters is drawing our hearts and minds closer to God. Either way, we still need Him. Now, is not the time to lessen our efforts in that regard.


Kelly (Praying Upside Down) mentioned a tool that might be good for all of us – a prayer journal. She says, “A prayer journal can help you discover what you believe and explore how different circumstances challenge or strengthen those beliefs. Because God isn’t only found in the answers. He becomes visible in the process.” What a great idea! Isn’t it time for us to begin recording our impressions/worries/prayers/celebrations for our own personal growth, and if not for that, then for our posterity?

Another comment she made is “In our spiritual lives, we eventually come to accept that although there is power, we don’t have it.” The only thing we can give to God, is our will, because it’s the only thing that is truly ours. He doesn’t force us to believe one way or another or to interpret events one way or another. We get to choose our responses, no matter what the circumstance. I’m not just talking about politics either. In everything.

Okay, enough for today. It’s nap time.


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