Welcome Back!!

What a wonderful time of year. How was your Thanksgiving? We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with our children this past week, starting with Thanksgiving on Saturday. It was the only time all of us were available and it didn’t matter. It was great. It was funny though, afterward, every time my husband or I would hear Thanksgiving commercials, it was confusing and we both thought “why are they still playing these ads?” Ah. Because it wasn’t Thanksgiving yet. One good thing about the big meal being on Saturday is that there was no pressure to get everything done on the actual day and I, for once, got to sit down and watch the national dog show.


My favorite dog is the komondor. Isn’t it adorable? Our youngest daughter thinks they are uuuugglllyyyy. They remind me of those super soft socks that feel so good on your feet. I’ve never actually touched one of these dogs to see what they feel like, but I hope they are soft and not like a mop, which I’m pretty sure is what my daughter thinks. Sadly, this breed did not win best of show, that went to a greyhound. A greyhound in fact that she really liked from the beginning. Not my kind of dog – sort of at polar opposites on the dog breed spectrum.

img_00301I’ve decided to (again) go back to how I was doing my journaling “before.” I don’t know “before” what because I can’t seem to stick with one thing for very long. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I did manage to stick with this style in the picture for over a year and, I think that’s what I’m going back to. I’m just going to print off a daily “to do” list that I can tear off each day and be done with it. Finish it every day and throw it away. I don’t need to keep lists of what I’ve accomplished for my posterity. I’d rather keep a journal book like this that allows them to really get to know me. To see what I was interested in and learning about. I looked back through this page from last summer and was surprised that I am still working on the same things. Life.

I am also on day seven of no sugar, no soda, and no artificial sweeteners. Ugh! It’s okay most days, but at about 3:00, I hit a wall and am dying for a soda. Of course, my husband, who is also doing it, and I are worried about the holidays and how to navigate through them. I guess we’ll see.

In Doing Good is Simple today, Chris talked about a few of his experiences in Africa working with the local people. He also suggested that the only way to truly help those in need of help is to truly know their needs. Oftentimes, they don’t need a big group “project” to swoop in and fix things the way we might like to. We just need to give others the tools to help themselves. One point he makes that is true in any situation is that “what you see on the surface is not the entirety of the story.” Oh, how true is that? I can blog all day, but unless you really get to know me, you don’t know what’s in my heart or really going on in my life. That’s one thing nice about blogging, it can be as personal as the blogger wants it to be. I personally think it’s a bit selfish to lay out all of my “dirty laundry” and to put that in other’s minds. Not necessary. I’d rather share what I am learning each morning as I read and study these books.

So, that’s it for today. I hope yours is great!


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