No Lie

Blogging during the holidays seems to be a tough gig. I’m not sure how this is all going to work, but I’ll find a way.

img_55411There was so, so much good in the chapter I read this morning in Doing Good is Simple by Chris Marlow and what a perfect time of year to read it. Or not. I was thinking this morning that this might be a better read in the spring when the hustle and bustle of giving is gone and we are settled back into our regular routine, which isn’t as driven to give. Maybe that’s when we need the kick in the pants to get up and do something.

As usual, Chris has some words that touched my heart. His words are vivid and take you right to where the story is happening. I will never have the opportunity to live his experiences, but I am grateful that he is sharing them so I can get a feeling for what he’s talking about and why his mission is so important.

We were created to be whole, and Jesus is the only one who can fully understand what we were all meant to be and what we have become and how we can once again find our way back to wholeness. Redemption is never too far away!

This message keeps repeating itself to me. I have heard it in various ways over the past few months and I appreciate it. I love the idea that there is a God who loves me so much that He sent His Son to earth to teach me how to live and love and be obedient. Not too mention, dying so that I can return home. I mean, wow!

No matter our outward circumstances, God is always focused on shaping our hearts and souls to be more and more like he created us to be!

This chapter was about compassion. His definition is “to suffer with.” How many times has Christ had compassion on me? He suffered with me in Gethsemane, even before I was born. He knew, even then, how my heart would break, the tears I would cry, how helpless I would feel, and how worried I would be that I may be the one who messed things up. I can’t tell you how many things bring those thoughts to my mind. He knows though and He has felt every bit of it, which means He is the only one who knows exactly how to help. That is such good news! I wish it was seared into my heart so I wouldn’t forget it.


I want to know these things too – for myself. I want to know Christ for myself and the gospel message and the joy of God’s plan for me. I want Him to manifest Himself to me through the Holy Ghost. I seek, boy, do I seek. I want to grow into His love even more and what better time to focus on that than this? I love my Savior and I feel close to Him many times, but those doubts get swirling around in my head and it’s hard to fight them all. My prayer is that the more time I spend in prayer and study, God will fight them off for me. That would be good news indeed.


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