Four Question Friday

svqf82381Good morning! Christmastime is such a wonderful time of year. In addition to Doing Good is Simple, I’ve started the service advent called #lighttheworld. It started yesterday and I feel like the book prepped my heart for this activity throughout December. Our family has always used a traditional large advent calendar with boxes to put candy in for each day. With six of us, it wasn’t always easy to get all six pieces in, but we managed. This year, however, my husband and I have stopped eating sugar, artificial sugars, and soda, so no candy in the boxes. I was really concerned about what to do. I didn’t want to just dismiss the whole idea of counting down until the 25th. Then, I found this service advent and it felt like it was just for us and a solution to our problem this year. So, you can find more about the #lighttheworld advent activities here. There is a pdf calendar to print out, so I just cut it up to use in our boxes. It worked out perfectly. This was our day one.

img_55411Now, on to Four Question Friday. I have enjoyed the spirit that Doing Good is Simple has put into my heart. I mentioned before that I wish I had read it in another part of the year to keep the momentum going for service, but I’m glad I read it now. It really did prepare my heart for Christmas and I’m looking at things a little differently, more with my heart than my head. I have enjoyed reading Chris’s stories of the situations he’s been able to make a difference in and have wept as he has described conditions I can’t possibly imagine. Yet, he’s hopeful and shares his conviction that helping doesn’t have to be overwhelming and that even the help we give to one person is significant. I think that’s the main message I’ve gotten. I’ve always been overwhelmed by the problems in the world. They all seem way to big and unable to fix, but he’s right. If I can help one person, then I’ve made a dent and that is a good thing. Imagine if we all helped just one person? Our world would be much different and it wouldn’t take that long either.

The four questions:

  1. Is this book based in scripture? Yes. While Chris doesn’t share a lot of scripture verses, he tells a lot of stories from the scriptures. Stories of Jesus’ work among the people of His time. I appreciated the way he wove those into his own stories of the work he and his team are doing around the world.
  2. Did this book draw my heart closer to God? I must say yes to this one as well. My heart is closer to God because I am more aware of His work through others to help all of God’s children.
  3. Did the writings draw me deeper into the scriptures? This book did not do that, although I was familiar with the stories he told from the scriptures.
  4. Did this book change my heart? Yes, it did and for the reasons I mentioned above.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to get excited about service and to learn why service is so important to God. I’m grateful that this book was the one that jumped off the shelf at me!

I’m going to take the rest of the month off from the blog, but I will still be adding quote blocks to Instagram and all of the other social media I use. Watch for those. I’m going to include the daily activity as well as what we are doing individually and as a family. I hope your Christmas is warm and wonderful and full of love and peace.



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