The “Why” of the Matter

The quote that caught my eye this morning was at the beginning of my reading. Lysa was talking about a conversation she was having with God about the whole weight-loss work. She felt that He was saying to her, “I’m not taking you on this journey because I need you to weigh less. I am taking you on this journey because I desire for you to be healthy in every sense of the word.” I think that’s what I want. I want to be healthy. I’m tired of struggling with my mental health and I’m tired of being tired and feeling overwhelmed by life. I know that my past food choices have not helped me to feel my best or to face the world easier. Sometimes, it would go the opposite way and I’d end up feeling worse after eating one thing or another.

This is what I appreciate about Lysa’s book, Made to Crave, she helps me to realize that being healthy isn’t just about being healthy – there are larger God-purposes. I often think of so many things I’ve used in my life (challenges) to bring me closer to Him. Why can’t getting healthy be one of them? Goodness knows, I need His help!


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