Trusting Lysa

I am in the winding-down phase of Made to Crave, with just a few more chapters left. This book has gone by quickly and it’s just as good in the middle and the end as it was in the beginning. However, my circumstances have changed, so I feel like I am concentrating less on the words in the book and more on the practices Lysa talks about. You see, I’m on vacation and there are so many temptations on vacation and that whole “just one” and “you’re on vacation” attitude is a struggle. I’ve been good and bad and the bad was mostly because I wasn’t feeling well, so I took the quick way out instead of the healthy way. That’s a rough one. I’m not too sure yet how to master that. However, I am also doing a goal setting course for the new year by Sublime Reflection and one of the activities was to write down my goal, then write down excuses (yes, excuses, because when you are trying to be healthy, there are no real reasons to not do it) and then write down how you can move around them. It was eye-opening. I think I took it pretty seriously and it feels like I have some arrows in my bow for when those excuses come. I can just shoot them out of the sky and move on to my solutions.

Lysa makes the comment that, “in a deprived state we are much more likely to give in to things we shouldn’t.” Boy, how true is that? I think that’s what my challenge actually was. I didn’t feel good. I was deprived of good mental clarity and the ability to make good choices because I didn’t have the strength to cook and to make a good decision. The easy way. Do you know that path too? I am made to crave, but I want to crave those things that are good for me – even outside the realm of food choices. I want to go for walks and to think good thoughts and to be kind. I want to crave positive interactions with the people around me instead of just giving in to the fast and easy because I’m feeling deprived at the moment. Who knows what I might be feeling deprived of, but when I am it seems to find an outlet in one thing or another. In the past it’s been behaviors and food. Such easy things to fill that deprivation. And yet, if I was taking care of my inner self, that feeling of being empty would be filled in with those good things and thoughts and actions. It’s a pretty vicious circle, but it’s one that we can win. I trust Lysa on that one.


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