Don’t Want To

So, it’s late in the day and I’m just getting around to posting. I didn’t really want to today. Vacations are hard on routines, healthy eating, and blogging. We are enjoying our time away, but it’s much easier to stay on track at home. 

Lysa’s book convicted me a bit today too, so I’m feeling a little grumpy about that too.

I have not been making healthy choices for quite some time, unfortunately. I’m not sure why. I’m easily caught up in stress. Stress from having a busy family, from things not going the way I thought they would (or should, if I’m being honest), and from just not caring enough about my physical health. I have thought all this time that I was close to God, but I’m not in this particular area of my life and I am going to try hard to turn it over to Him and His strength and help. I sure need it!


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