Four Question Friday

It’s here. The end of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. I started out so well with this book and I have felt so convicted by its message. That message is that I have to give up and just admit I need God’s help to put an end to my emotional eating. I know that in my head, but pride lives in my heart. Did I mention convicted?

So, the book was fabulous and did exactly what it set out to do. Now, lets go through the questions – with book in mind and not my personal reaction to it.

  1. Did this book draw me closer to God? Yes and I think as time goes on and I am more accepting of the message, it will continue to draw me to Him.
  2. Was it based in scripture? Yes. In surprising ways too. There are scriptures Lysa uses that I would have never have associated with my food issues.
  3. Did Made to Crave draw me further into the scriptures? No, she put the scriptures she was using in the book. I didn’t need to go anywhere to find them.
  4. Did this book change my heart? I think so. I sure know it affected my heart.

What a great book. I have just one thing to say – read it!


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