I adore The Worn Out Woman by Dr. Steve Stephens and Alice Gray. It is definitely in my top five books. It gives me such hope and peace about my life now and how my life can become. 

Generally, in the books I review, I tag good quotes to use in the quote blocks I create for Instagram and Facebook. I’m four chapters in and this is what my copy looks like!

I’m going to have some weeding to do since I only do five each day. This book is packed with words of wisdom and thoughts that are pleasing to the soul. 

My all-time favorite quote is in Chapter four:

I cannot read and reread this enough. Over the years, I’ve written it on index cards and posted them around the house. It’s on my Facebook “About” page. I’ve made poster-sized copies and hung it on walls. I’ve even carried it around in my pocket for days on end. It speaks right to my heart about how I want to spend my time and energy. 

One thing the authors speak to is saying “no.” I know it can be hard, but this quote empowered me to realize that I wanted more from my life than just one more project to complete. I wanted more time with God and with the people who mattered to me. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly still need that reminder. It’s just too easy to try to take on more than we can honestly handle. I know that my list of “can dos” has become small with being ill – I have been forced to say no to a lot of things I would have preferred to say yes to, but we all have limits, sick or not.

I challenge you to look at your schedule this week, in the light of that quote, and just see where you stand. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised or you may find that saying no more often would be good for your soul.


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  1. Alexa says:

    Hello Carmen! and I’ve found you through your comment on the forum in Ali Edward’s One Little Word. Very pleased to ‘meet’ you and read your About and Illness pages – that sounds as if it has been very hard indeed … I love the title of the book and will be off to Google in a moment or two :). Indeed, if we always say ‘yes’, what’s our ‘yes’ worth? Looking forward to reading how your ‘word number’ is shaping your year … very best wishes, Alexa


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