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The two chapters I read this morning in The Worn Out Woman (Stephens and Gray), were about finding your joy and what you feel passionate about. They said that many of us do work that we just “get through” and don’t really find joy in. I would guess they are right. The other point was that, if you can find those things that you are passionate about and include them in your life, you will feel less worn out.

I put their words to the test this morning. I have been sick for four days now with a sore throat and getting through the days has been a trial – talk about worn out! I sat down this morning and made a list of the things I could think of that being me joy and decided to do one of them – right now. 

I’ve been working for about a year on putting together personal scrapbooks for each of our four children and I haven’t worked on them for awhile. Today, I drug a folding table out of  the garage and set it up in my office (it’s getting crowded in here!) and pulled out all of their stuff I have been saving. Turns out, two of them are all done. Yay for me!! I found room in our closet to store them and laid out everything for the other two so all of it is together and organized. 

Amazingly, I didn’t think about my throat once in the two hours I was working on scrapbooking and I feel accomplished and happy. Amazing that these two authors are right. Just kidding. It was nice putting something into practice immediately and seeing positive results. I have now added scrapbooking to my daily routine, right after reading and blogging, and before lunch. So, what brings you joy and can you find two minutes to do it today and maybe tomorrow too?


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  1. Alexa says:

    Lovely to read how some wise words put into action had such positive results! And hoping that throat is a lot better now …


    1. Carmen says:

      Thanks for the comment. I spent more time today adding in something I love to do and it, again, made the time fly by. Who knew?!


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