A Quote to Remember

Wow! Now there’s something to think about. I was recently introduced to a concept called Truth Journaling that a woman named Barb Raveling developed. It’s a similar idea. She has a great website with all kinds of studies that you can go through at your own pace and one of them is learning to truth journal. 

I always take notice when I have several instances of the same idea show up in my life in a short time. This was number three of this idea in about a week. I tend to get caught up in negative thinking and I have been wanting to break out of that bad habit. Nice to know God is listening and hears what my heart desires. I think I would feel better if I could see the positive in situations. So, three times? I think He’s trying to tell me something. 

I took some time this morning to journal about how I was feeling and I noticed that it was all of these individual sentences that jumped from one topic to another. I had thrown everything I was feeling together in one paragraph instead of just writing about the one thing I was actually upset about. I took a few minutes to go back and read the sentences and see if there was any truth in what I had written. I felt better getting it out of my head, but I felt a lot better when I had gone back through and looked at it through the lens of truth. Once I could see what the truths were, my heart felt better. It was surprising. 

So, yes! Counter those negative thoughts with some truth and see what comes to light.


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