Good Monday!

img_0670Last week completely got away from me. From just getting home from vacation, to being sick, and then, boom!, it was Inauguration day. So, I didn’t warn you that I wouldn’t be here on Friday.

I have spent the past, boy, I don’t even know how many years, reserving that entire day to watching and listening to the event. There is something special about presidents leaving and new ones coming in. I do, however, think it’s strange that it happens in the middle of the month. I wonder why that is. I also had the fleeting thought that it feels like this is the third week with Stephen’s and Gray’s book, The Worn Out Woman, but when I thought closely, I think it’s just the second after all.

I am enjoying reading this book through again. There are so many truths that ring in my heart in these pages. Just this morning it was “We collect stuff and clutter because it gives us a false sense of security, comfort, and pride. But that’s a deception. In reality physical clutter gives us disorder, stress, and more work.” I am not a cluttery person. I try to keep it at a minimum, but as I read that I felt convicted a bit. I do have a pen and colored pencil issue. When our college daughter was home for the holidays, I sent her back with a big stash of my stuff, so I am trying. Slowly. Really slowly. In my life that’s how things get done. Slowly.

Just this morning, I felt so accomplished. I had gone for a longer than usual walk, but in the same amount of time, and done all of my “get ready for the day” stuff and felt great. That is, until I started crossing off the items on my daily routine list and I only got to make seven marks. Seven. Did I mention it was noon? I wrote in my journal that I must move like a turtle now or in slow-motion. Maybe I’m like one of those super heroes, but in reverse. I’m going super slow while everything around me is going really fast. There was a time in my life when I was “known” for how much I could get done in really short amounts of time and now, it’s the opposite. My husband asks me what I did during the day and I say things like “seven things.” Okay, it’s not that bad, most days. Some days are that bad and I’ve just got to be okay with those days too, right?

I am learning. I am just learning in slow motion too.


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