The People Around Us

The two chapters today in The Worn Out Woman (by Stephens and Gray), were about this topic – friends and difficult people. Boy, what polar discussions to have! They have a cute name for difficult people, “burlap” people. Do you remember burlap? That itchy, scratchy, hairy, loosely woven fabric? The only people I see using that stuff anymore is the gardeners in our area who scoop up their trimmings into them. I can’t remember the last time I came into personal contact with it, but I can remember the last time I came across a person who felt like that. I bet you can too and, it probably wasn’t that long ago. I think there are so many grumpy people these days because everyone is in a hurry, running here and there, and probably late while they are at it. Too much busy-ness in life. When I see people speeding, my automatic thought is anger that they are putting my safety and that of those around them in jeopardy and how selfish it is. My second, much nicer thought, is that maybe they are rushing to the hospital. That’s the only good reason I can think of for speeding. Dr. Stephens and Alice Gray’s words made me question my responses. Why does it bother me so much?

They also discuss the importance of having friends. I don’t really have any, nor do I really feel the need to have any at this point in my life. I just don’t have the emotional stability (it feels like) or the capacity to have someone else in my life these days. I still feel cautious about adding new things into my life from being sick. I’ve finally found some balance and I just want to work that balance instead of adding in new elements. That especially includes other people. I have several Facebook groups I chat in and share experiences and get support from and I, of course, share myself on this blog, so I don’t feel like I need any more. I have occasions in my life where I have been surrounded by friends and would spend hours on the phone each day, I just don’t have it in my anymore. My focus is on my husband and being close to him. I don’t know, how is everyone else situated in the friend department?


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