New Book Monday

traveling-light-by-max-lucadoIt’s New Book Monday. I’ve decided, since I keep “breaking” my rules about the books I’m reading, that I actually have no rules. I thought I did. I wanted to keep it to new writers, those who haven’t published more than two books. The problem is that right now, there don’t seem to be a lot of them. I just got back from searching the shelves at Barnes and Noble and I found two. TWO! That’s not a wide range to choose from and neither of them spoke to me. What did was an “old” book (2001) from Max Lucado called Traveling Light. Chances are many of you have read it, especially if you are attracted this this site. I’m positive you at least know who Max Lucado is. He is a great writer and I do have a few of his books on my bookshelf. This one happened to catch my eye and, as I glanced through the table of contents, I could see why. The book is about the 23td Psalm and how it applies to all of these burdens we carry around. I could see a lot of myself in its pages. I often wonder that as I’m choosing books. Is this book good for me or for someone who may read about it from this blog? I have learned a lot as I have gone through these books. I wish that I had a lifetime to sit with each book and to sup from their pages more fully. I don’t know how many people do a more thorough reading than I find myself doing. Maybe I should take a month for each and really study and work each day on putting these words into practice. I think I am though. I find myself remembering pieces when something comes up and I can think, “oh yeah…” I look forward to the messages I’m going to encounter on these pages. You can find it here on Amazon or probably at a local bookstore. He is a pretty popular author.






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