We humans want to do things our way. Forget the easy way. Forget the common way. Forget the best way. Forget God’s way. We want to do things our way. And, according to the Bible, that’s precisely our problem. “We all have wandered away like sheep; each of us has gone his own way.” Isa. 53:6 – Max Lucado,  Traveling Light

Boy! That’s a convicting quote, huh? How many times is “my way” my default position? I don’t even question if there is another – perhaps better – way. What if I could always discern what God’s way is? It’s maybe easiest to see this particular human problem in others more than ourselves. I mean, it’s pretty obvious when you see it, right? Someone does something and you think, “Wow! There was a much easier way to do that.” Or even, “Why didn’t they just do that like everyone else might have?” I don’t think Max is talking about entrepreneurs or creative pursuits. I think he’s talking about in our everyday decisions that affect our spiritual life – how we interact with others, how we navigate our emotions maybe.

Ugh! Do you remember when I?… You probably forgot all about it, but it still bothers me and clings to me. Why didn’t I just do it the “right” way the first time. The “right” way. How many times have you thought that? Turns out, the “right” way is probably God’s way. How would God want us to do this? What would Jesus do? This is one of those times that a more than cursory reading of the scriptures might come in handy. How will we know how He would react if we don’t know Him? Good thing for us, we can know Him. We can learn and grow and be more like Him, but it does require some work and study on our part. Oh yeah. Work and study. Reading, a lot of it. Prayer, more of it. Practice. Oh, yes, practice too. We can read a little bit. Pray about implementing it into our lives and then put that knowledge into practice. So, read a little today. Decide if it is a truth for your life and then, practice that one thing over the next few days. Heck! You could even go crazy and read through the Topical Guide and find other scriptures that go with the one you read. You’ll find a lot more information on that one thing and it might help bring it into greater clarity. It might even help you not be a sheep!


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