Are you a Sheep?

I am learning so much about sheep from this book. All kinds of random facts that I’m sure I wouldn’t have taken the time to learn on my own. The weirdest thing is how much alike we are with them. We are all sheep. No wonder Jesus calls Himself a shepherd so often. It just takes a little research to figure out why. I guess, in His days, having a life closely tied to sheep, it might be easier to understand the similarities, but now, you  have to make quite an effort to figure it out. That is, unless you read Traveling Light by Max Lucado. In his study of Psalms 23, he shares quite a number of ways we are like sheep.

Today’s topics were disappointment and envy. Oooo. Two hard things to think about. He has some pretty good insights about how God can take on those things for us. Seriously, if you haven’t gone out and gotten this book, you should. I’m surprised how often I keep thinking of things he’s said while going about my day. Random things will come up and I will think, “hey…, wait a minute.” I just want to share two things he says about these topics and then I’m off of here – it’s my birthday!

God is not a miser with his grace. Your cup may be low on cash or clout, but it is overflowing with mercy.

and, he quotes Proverbs 23:5,

Jealousy will rot your bones.



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