Four Question Friday


Yesterday, WordPress sent me a message saying that I had reached my 200th post. That’s crazy! I think the blog is growing slowly, but my Instagram account (@mydailyrock) is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s a lot of fun and I am enjoying every minute of it. The thing I enjoy the most is when someone contacts me to tell me they love the book that I am reading or that they went out and bought it. That is pretty cool. I don’t get anything back from you buying the books, so no worries about this being some promotional tool for my gain. Well, it is for my gain. I learn so much more when I read and then write about what I’m reading. It cements the messages into my heart and I remember them far longer.

Today is the end of another two weeks and that means the end of another book. These books are all so different. It would be really hard to pick just one as my favorite. Our youngest child (daughter, 17) has always asked us who our favorite is. She wants to know where she sits on the totem pole. I honestly tell her that each of our four children has a favorite quality that I love and adore. It’s the same with these books. Some I love the writing style, it just speaks to my heart. Others bring such gospel depth or such a new perspective that it takes my breath away. I think that’s how Traveling Light has been for me. He brings out so much from just one Psalm that it is stunning. I can’t imagine the prayer and study he put in behind the scene.

So, the four questions. Ready?

  1. Did the book change my heart? Well, I will never read Psalm 23 the same again. So, that’s a yes.
  2. Did it draw me deeper into the scriptures? Yes, into this particular one for sure.
  3. Did it draw me closer to God? Yep. I found Him and His sweet message over and over again in this book’s pages. It all felt very personal, as if He were talking to me through Max’s words.
  4. Is the book based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Oh. Yes. In every page and in every way. It’s just that good.

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