It’s New Book Day! Yippee!!


What’s the new book, you ask? It’s called When God Isn’t There by David Bowden. From what I can tell while reading the Introduction and the first chapter, he’s a good writer.  Actually, he opens with a poem. Wow! A real poem, not the kind I might write. A three page poem, but don’t let that bother you, it’s good. The kind of poetry you would want to read. Really.

So, let me tell  you a bit about Mr. Bowden. He’s “an international speaker and performer known best for his craft of spoken word poetry. He has performed his poems around the world for hundreds of thousands of people, and his videos have attracted millions of views online.” That’s from the back of the book. There’s a more extensive “About” from his website ( 

He also has a Facebook account – David Bowden Poetry – and you can even find him on Instagram @davidbpoetry. I know, it’s a lot of poetry related stuff, but the book looks good and I’m going to forge ahead. Oh yeah and I hoping, hoping there’s more poetry in there. It was that good!


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