God, Not Food or…

I feel like this book is speaking to my heart. I must need to hear the messages I’m finding in these books – as I find them. I have felt God far from me the past four years. I don’t know if it was getting sick and then spending so much time and energy trying to recover that took my heart from God and His Son or if it just a period I’m going through. I have been pretty angry at Him for me getting sick and, I’m sure, that hasn’t helped the situation. Now, though, I’m feeling better and I miss Him. I miss feeling Him near. I can feel what I’m missing and I want it restored.

This is precisely what David speaks to in chapter one of When God Isn’t There. He talks about Adam and Eve and how they must have felt after walking and talking with God and then, suddenly, losing that personal contact. I can’t imagine. I can imagine being sent away from home and having to start over, but losing that personal relationship with God? I just can’t imagine. Our longing for God is a common theme through all of the books I have reviewed. I’m not the only one or even one in a million. We all long for God and to be in His presence. One thing David points out is that,

All people seek to fill the void of God’s absence with the presence of pleasure, success, or even religion.

I see that all around me and, if I’m truthful, even in me. I can get lost in the things of the world and try to fill myself with those instead of just being aware of what I’m actually wanting – God. Food is a big one. When that longing for God to fill my heart comes and there is no relief in prayer or my scriptures, instead of being patient, I have turned to food to comfort me. For others, it can be shopping or drugs or relationships or whatever. We all find things or activities to fill that longing, except that we don’t really take the time to recognize what it is we are actually wanting. If we did, what would be the end result? I can’t imagine that either.


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