Don’t we all struggle with this idea of purpose? The world would have us believe that purpose is somehow tied to money or fame or importance. For a long time I fell into this trap and, honestly still do once in awhile. We constantly have that message shouted to us. But, what if there is another view -God’s view? What if purpose is measured in kindness and smiles and laughter and all of the other millions of tiny, wonderful things we do as part of our daily existence? What if God’s purpose is for us to positively affect the next generation or to ease suffering or to mend a broken heart, but not in big, grand gestures? What if it’s only a card sent in the mail, a text message, or a quick call? What if you are, right now, fulfilling your purpose for being here? What if you are already doing the things that bring health and happiness to those around you? Can life get any better than that?


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