Driving Across Town

Today, I went with my husband so he could pick up his new work car. He went to work from there, which left me to drive back across the Phoenix metro area in the rental car we’ve been using for the past week. I don’t go out often. I mean, I’m not afraid to go out, I just don’t have a lot of places to go. As I was driving, I was nearly brought to tears at how many people carelessly disobey our nation’s laws. It really makes me sad. I was going the “okay” four miles over the speed limit (I’m afraid I would have been run over!) and people were flying past me at ridiculous speeds. Why don’t people have any respect for anything anymore? What has changed in our society where doing what I want to do is more important than doing what is best for all of us? When did we become so selfish? And why? Why is your rush more important than my safety? Why is your life so much more important than the fifty you are passing so quickly? What has happened? Just thinking about it makes me want to cry all over again.

David had a great quote that caught my eye this morning as I was reading When God Isn’t There. He says

Meeting with God on Sunday should not entitle us to live however we want, but should transform us to live however he wants.

Are there not enough church-goers anymore? Is that where all of this selfishness comes from? I know, it’s not just driving. It’s all around us – marriages fall apart from it, people steal and lie and cheat and defame. People show no respect for the opinions or rights of others. It’s just a whole sad thing. Maybe it’s why I don’t go out much anymore. I can’t be around it. It makes me too sad to see what has become of this amazing country and its citizens. All of these people, making such poor choices. I’m no angel, believe me, and it’s so much easier to cast stones at others, but sometimes it’s just so obvious that you can’t miss it and that is where I am today. I couldn’t look away or make up excuses for them – certainly that many people aren’t rushing to a hospital. I hope that you are considerate and kind to those around you -especially those you may be putting in danger by your actions.


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