So much struck me in chapter 9 of this book today. One of the things that she quotes is “God doesn’t tell us to be thankful for our circumstances, but to be thankful in them.” That’s in 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 18.

So many circumstances in life leave us confused and searching for answers. I know I found this to be true in my life over the years. I have never particularly felt thankful during difficult situations, but looking back I can see that I am grateful for those most challenging ones because they’re the ones that led me the closest to God.

It’s kind a like how they always say your favorite teacher is always your hardest teacher because you learn the most. That’s how it is in life with our challenges. We grow and learn from hard things. It’s not the easy things, those things that come naturally, that grow and develop us and our character. The challenging things are the things that help us to become better than we currently are.

Is it possible to be thankful during the trial? I’m not sure. There must be someone who is. I hope to be that person someday.


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