Four Question Friday on Thursday 

It’s time for Four Question Friday! Cindi McMenamin’s book, When God Sees Your Tears, was good. Not my favorite, but good.

So, the questions…ready?

  1. Was this book based in scripture? Yes. The entire book was based around the story of Hannah in the Bible and her longing for a son and God’s subsequent blessing. 
  2. Did this book bring me closer to God? I’m really not sure about this question. I thought more about the stories of the women and their struggles and the story of Hannah than I did about God.
  3. Is it based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Yes. 
  4. Was my heart changed? I don’t think so. This is the first book that hasn’t and that’s a little confusing for me. I knew eventually I would come across one that wasn’t as meaningful to me, but I was surprised that it was this one. It’s written well, but I made a commitment to be honest, so there it is.

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