New Book Day

I’m starting a new book Monday, but I thought I’d give you some background information on it and its author today. 

As the byline says, “How a pastor with gay parents learned to love others without sacrificing conviction.” 

We need so much more love, acceptance, and tolerance in this world. If all we ever looked at were what we considered other people’s “bad” behavior, well, we wouldn’t have any friends and we would be angry and hateful toward everyone on this planet. God included. 

I am interested in reading this book – to find out why it jumped out at me as it was only the third book I looked at. I knew it was the one I was supposed to read as soon as I saw the title on the spine. Sometimes, it’s just obvious. 

So, who is Caleb Kaltenbach? His website says the following,

When Caleb Kaltenbach was a toddler, his parents divorced and independently came out of the closet as a gay man and a lesbian. As a result, Caleb was lovingly raised in the LGBT community. He attended LGBT parties with his mother and partner, marched in pride parades…and experienced hatred and bitterness from Christians. To his enduring surprise, Caleb became a Christian and a pastor as a young adult. 

One thing I don’t understand is the outright anger the LGBTQ community seems to face from the Christian segment of society. I’m hoping this book will shed some light on that very question. 

Caleb can be found many places: 

  • Instagram – @calebwilds and #messygrace
  • Facebook under his name – Caleb Kaltenbach
  • and two websites – and

I look forward to sharing this new journey with you over the next two weeks. Please join me.


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