Understanding Messy Grace

Caleb gets right to the heart of his message in chapter two – “if we are going to understand messy grace, then we have to understand how to love people, no matter who they are.” This is the statement that best sums up the chapter. He does tell a portion of his story and shares several scriptures that tie into his theme of “messy grace.”

I guess a definition of grace is important here if we are going to be talking about it for two weeks. That might help. “The main idea of the word is divine means of help or strength, given through the bounteous mercy and love of Jesus Christ.” (LDS Bible dictionary) I love that word – bounteous. Such a vision of filling and then overflowing. More than we can handle. More love, more help, more kindness, more compassion than we know what to do with. More than we even need! 

I want that for myself, but I also want that for everyone else and I know they get it. It’s true. I know because I see it in my life and if God gives His over-abundance of help and strength to me, then I know He does for you. That’s one thing about God, He doesn’t play favorites. He loves each of us, as individuals. Grace is all-encompassing thing for all of creation, but it is also personalized and tailor-made for each one of us. He knows what we need strength and help with and He offers to help. 

The thing is, it can be hard to accept the help. I have a hard time accepting help from anyone. Sometimes I just think it would be easier/faster/better if I just did it myself. That’s not how God operates. Everything would be easier/faster/better if He did it, but He lets us do it and just gives us His help and strength. Fabulous! Help and strength and we get to learn? Oh yeah. Sign me up!


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