Standing as a Witness of Love

Caleb talks a lot in the chapter this morning about becoming friends with those we don’t particularly want to be friends with. He doesn’t just single out the LGBTQ community either. He wants us to stand as witnesses of God’s love to all people we come into contact with. 

What an easy thing to do. We aren’t preaching or teaching or even trying to change anyone’s mind about anything. We just need to let those around us feel loved. How many of the problems in our world would be solved if each of us would reach out to one or two people every day in love? How many lives would be saved? How much loneliness would end? How much happier would we each be? 

I urge you, today, to be kind and loving. To share the love in your heart with just one other person. Smile. Be kind. Speak nicely. Be positive. Say something happy. It’s all so easy, but it’s all about love.


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