Being Biased and Heartfelt Prayer

I am biased. And it’s not fair to Caleb or his book, Messy Grace. I am having a difficult time pulling quotes to share that more accurately portray his message. 

My husband asked me why I would choose this book. Well, I am LDS. I know there is a lot of “anti” liturature out there and I’ve never been afraid of it. I’ve read so much of it and, if nothing else, it has made me dig and study and pray much more. I want to know the truth. I’m not happy just being a “Sunday” Mormon or Christian or whatever. I want to know what I believe. That’s why I choose this book.

For some reason though, this book is really pushing me to dig deep and I am spending more time in heartfelt prayer than I have in years. I am questioning everything and really focusing on what I, me, personally, believe about God, and the LGBTQIA community in particular. 

You might wonder how it’s going. It’s up and down. I started a list of what I believe. I’m praying – HARD – for confirmation and parts of Caleb’s book completely support and defend my beliefs, but others are challenging. Challenging because I don’t want anyone else, let alone myself, to believe some of the things he says about my two LGBTQIA children. I have so many questions, but not nearly enough answers…yet. 

This is going to be an on-going conversation between God and I, you can bet. I’m not giving up on this one. 


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