Our Churches


I LOVE this quote! Caleb is right on the money with this one. In one of the FB groups I belong to, the subject of the Gospel came up in relation to how does it fit with all of the other rules and “suggestions” we are given at church. 

I’ve actually been pondering this for quite a few months. I’m sorry to say that my particular church takes a pretty “self-help” approach to the Gospel and preaches “the list” almost exclusively. It’s pretty sad and I don’t like it. The thing I don’t like about “the list (of what to do and not do)” is that it doesn’t require any thought or digging deeper. It’s just things to check off without checking into your heart to see how the Gospel applies in your own life and if God has other things He wants you to do. 

Our actions should be expected to be as different as there are people. God reaches us individually and our instructions from Him come that same way. 


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