It’s a New Book


So, if you’ve been around lately, you will know I haven’t written for a bit and that I didn’t finish reading or reviewing the last book, Messy Grace. I just couldn’t do it. It started off well, but we disagree on many points about the origins of homosexuality and the last chapter I read pushed me over the edge. It’s just too difficult to get through now, which means that I didn’t finish it. I do agree with the overall theme of the book – that we all need to know of and feel God’s love. That is the most important message and one I appreciated. 

Moving on. I was back at the bookstore yesterday and looking for a new book. I found a brand new one – I am Number 8 by John W. Gray III. It looks good. I have already read both the foreword and the introduction and am excited to read how John weaves the story of David through our experiences. 

What is a “Number 8?” The cover simply says “Overlooked, Undervalued, but Not Forgotten by God.”

He states in the introduction,

God prepares the forgotten;…He equips the undervalued and sets them in high places for His purpose. 

Let’s begin. 


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