No Accidental Lives


What great news this is to me! It doesn’t matter how hard of a time we may be having and how much we may doubt that there is any purpose in our life, we can take comfort in this message by John, “there is no such thing as an accidental life.” 

He goes on to say that no one can sneak onto the planet. Can you imagine trying to tip toe into a mother and be born without God not knowing? That’s preposterous. That just leaves us with his comment and the knowledge that God knows each of us and knows where we are – even when we don’t feel Him close by.

This is turning out to be a good read. I just completed chapter two, but the messages in this book of love and how John weaves the story of David throughout is fabulous. I’m grateful I get to read this book right now. I can sure use the message in my own life.


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