Matthew 6:27

“Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

That’s the verse to ponder today. Barbra Brown Taylor, who is an Episcopal priest, best-selling author and professor of religion took this question on in the book I’m reading, What Did Jesus Ask?” 

Her answer gave me some things to think about. Part of what she says is, “Why do we worry? We worry because we have been given the gift of human consciousness. We worry because we are able to imagine a future we cannot control. We worry because we are afraid of losing what we love.” It made me realize that for as many times as we are told to not worry, we simply can’t. It’s part of being human. 

It also made me think that to not be overcome with worry, we must have hope. For some, it’s hope in a Savior. For others, it’s a hope based in knowing that, generally, things work out. Hope can come in any fashion and is as unique as there are things to worry about. 

But hope, like worry, is part of the human condition. We are created to hope. We plant. We have children. We go to work and clean our homes and pray and go to church and go to sleep. While we may complain and grumble and dislike aspects of our lives, all that we do is based in hope that tomorrow will be better, we will be strong and healthy, with plenty to meet our needs. 
Hope is powerful and mysterious and we were born with the capacity to do it. So, keep on hoping and dreaming and planning and working. Things do, generally, get better.


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