Matthew 9:28

“Do you believe I am able to do this?”

Jesus asks this two blind men who desire to be healed. James Martin, SJ, suggests that we are uncomfortable with the miracles shown in the New Testament and that we downplay them.

I’m not sure about that, but I believe they happened to prove a point – that he could. Do I believe he has since? No. 

As I look around, I see so much pain and heartbreak, sickness and desperation. I’m talking about some really awful occurrences going on every minute in the human family. Why would God choose just a few of those to heal? It makes no sense.

I believe that God loves us and wants us to be happy, healthy, at peace, and loved. However, he expects us to take care of each other. There is plenty for all of us, if we were less selfish, less greedy, less “I” focused. It’s our job to help those in need. It’s sort of the whole “Christian” identity – to emulate Jesus.

I also think that he stays out of it. He could take care of all of it with a single thought, but what good would that do us? What would we learn? He stands back and waits for us to take some responsibility for the people around us and do something. 

Just do something. Today. 


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