Matthew 11:7

“What did you go out into the wilderness to see?”

Obviously, this is about much more than going camping in the forest. This is about the difficulties and challenges we encounter – our personal wilderness.

I would say, right now, with my faith questions, I am in the wilderness. My own personal place to seek and grow and stretch and learn. Oh, yeah, it hurts. Some days I feel like I’ve trekked a few miles with the heat of the day bearing down on my back. Sweaty. Near tears and wanting to go home to the comfort of knowing. 

I am wading through questions and feelings I never thought I would experience. I feel completely unprepared and alone in this. Faith challenges are not something we talk much about in our religious communities.

We talk in general terms of how our faith can help us meet our daily problems, but, what if the challenge you are facing is a faith crisis? I know it doesn’t go the other way – my problems certainly don’t help me get through my faith issues. 

So, now what? Well, there’s no limit on the time we can spend in the wilderness. No one is telling me to stick it out for five months and three days and you’ll have the answers you are looking for. Right now, I’m just holding on and hoping that the answers will come. It’s all I can do. 


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