Matthew 12:48, 14:31

“Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” and “Why did you doubt?”

I was sick yesterday. I hate that. It was so bad that it turned into a pajama day on the couch and no blogging. That bad. So, I skipped yesterday – the first verse up there.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s explanation was another one based in service. It comes down to all of us being a giant human family. We need to each watch out for those around us. It’s interesting that so many religious leaders bring Christ’s words back to service. Do you think that’s what Jesus meant all those times?

Today’s message took another turn. Nadia Bolz-Weber felt that the question, “Why did you doubt?,” was less about Peter failing to walk on water and more about the apostles doubt that Jesus would be there in the storm in the first place. She shares some thoughtful words about our understanding of where Jesus resides in our lives. Do we actually believe that Jesus is with us in the mess of our lives or is he only available when our lives look good? What do you think?


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